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This section of our web site has documents and tools that we hope our clients and friends will find helpful. We will be adding to this section from time to time as we develop resources and as experience suggests the need for new material.

Client Bankruptcy Data Entry: The average Bankruptcy filing consists of between 35 and 60 pages of data. The link below is to a secure service that allows clients to do much of the data entry themselves. We provide a discount to clients doing their own data entry accurately. Correcting mistakes in the data entry can be time consuming and does not save time for anyone. The discount is for saving time and expenses involved with data entry, and if we have to spend a great deal of time correcting mistakes, we cannot provide a discounted fee structure for using the service. Do not use this service without talking to Mr. Carroll first. It is complex and not for everyone.

We suggest that you use the paper questionnaires we provide in the initial interview to gather your needed information. Once you have your information together, log onto the service and do the data entry. The RapidImport service does not change the data you need, it just arranges it in a form that our bankruptcy filing software can retrieve and put directly into formats required by the Bankruptcy Court. If you have any questions, contact Dan Carroll by email or call 301-845-0470.

To start the secure long in process; enter your social security number, click on the "log in" button, then follow the instructions on the screen. Thank you.
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Estate Planning/Will Kit:This document is designed to help you gather all the information necessary to develop your estate plan. Very few people will need to fill in all the blanks – don’t worry. By gathering the information, it will allow for the designing of an individual estate plan that meets your wishes as efficiently as possible. The kit is a beginning, and must be supplemented with your goals and your family’s needs and circumstances to create a tax efficient and administratively effective estate plan. download PDF

Bankruptcy Questions and Answers :This is a document that has some of the common questions that bankruptcy clients have with answers set out. It is our hope that as questions come to light, this resource will be available to help. It is entirely possible that you will have more questions after going through this document than you did before. Please feel free to consult us for more information. download PDF

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